Dub Narcotic Studio Move!

Monday, January 27th, 2014

100_3026Hi everybody!

We are very excited to¬†officially announce that during the week of February 10th, we will be moving Dub Narcotic Studio, the recording studio that is in the first floor of K in Olympia, Wash, to the second floor, where the office has existed for the last decade. The upstairs room is bigger, brighter, and has a kick-ass stage where we are going to put our legendary couch for musicians to chill upon while taking a break from recording, or to use as a stage for tracking, whatever floats their boat. In fact, I am writing this post from the very same stage! It has been the home of our production manager’s computer for a long time. Here’s my view:


It is hard to imagine, but by the time we will be finishing up our Youtube Video Contest, all these stacks and boxes will have vanished and been replaced by our arsenal of studio equipment. We’ve had a lot of discussions on the best configurations of our gear in the new room and have it just about nailed down. In the next two weeks we are packing things up, consolidating space and getting ready for the big haul. We’ll be posting pictures and videos of it all, so stay updated through our social media! If you are interested in recording in our new space, email studio@krecs.com!

Stay classy,


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