Dub Narcotic Listening Party!

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012


Dub Narcotic Studio has acquired a number of speakers over the years. Studio Manager Bob Schwenkler suggested a Speaker Listening Party to determine which speakers to use regularly and which will be held in reserve (or added to the repair pile).

Last night we gave them a listen or three through the Electrodyne board. The Altec Lansing 605A duplex speakers (in the large gray cabinets, above) will remain, as will Bob‘s Dynaudio Acoustics BM6A powered speakers. One of the pleasant surprises was a pair of speakers made by Diana Arens in her audio class at The Evergreen State College (under the tutelage of Ken Wilhelm) – everyone seemed impressed by their clarity and depth. These speakers were the main studio monitors at Dub Narcotic for over ten years, beginning in 1993. It is comforting to know they stand the test of time.  Another favorite was an unnamed pair of speakers that I have had for 20 years, acquired from my former neighbor in the Martin Apartments, Greg Hill. He read in a magazine about a fellow who was building high-end speakers. Greg wrote and offered to test out a pair for him. They arrived in the mail, then Greg never heard from the fellow again. Now they are in the Dub Narcotic Studio listening chain.

Less enthusiasm for Mr. James B. Lansing’s 4311WX-A speakers, though Ben Hargett likes the sound of rock music emanating from them. A pair of AR-2a Acoustic Suspension Loudspeaker System had technical problems. Bob‘s trusty Realistic 40-1999A set will always have a home at Dub Narcotic Studio. A pair of KLH 20 speakers and some black plastic speakers from a portable home audio system went unlistened.

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