Chain & the Gang at Dub Narcotic Studio!

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

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6621 Ian Francy for Weblog

The morning after Chain & the Gang finished their West Coast tour with a boffo show at Northern (Downtown Olympia) featuring the Shivas and local legends Morgan & the Organ Donors (read all about it at this K WEBLOG POST), they entered the Dub Narcotic Studio to get some fresh ideas to tape, recording with Calvin Johnson and Sam Gray and the classic TEAC A-3340S 1/4″ four-track deck:

6657 TEAC a-4430 for Weblog

First off, a story conference to discuss which of their many splendored ideas they would explore in the little time available while residing in Olympia (see above photog of Ian “Chain” Svenonius and Gang guitarist Francy). Action, that is what the situation called for, and the assorted Gang members immediately heeded this call. Witness bassist Laurie and drummer Madd stepping to it:

6629 Laurie for Weblog6650 Madd for Weblog

Dub Narcotic Studio technicians Sam and Calvin in deep discussion about the best methodology to follow to document the proceedings:

6663 Sam & Calvin for Weblog

Laurie on electric bass guitar, Ian consulting electronic text, recording the song “Crime Wave”:

6651 Laurie Ian for Weblog

A brief and welcome interruption by former Gang member Brian Weber and his son, Freddy:

6632 ian Brian Freddy for Weblog

Ian “Chain” Svenonius, back at it:

6654 Ian for Weblog

The Gang, in repose, a job well done:

6660 Chain in couch for Weblog

Chain & the Gang!


2 responses to “Chain & the Gang at Dub Narcotic Studio!”

  1. RK says:

    New CD coming (hopefully) soon??

    • Calvin says:

      Thanks for asking! A new album would be glorious, however Chain & the Gang were in Dub Narcotic Studio for only one day, enough time to record two songs. They’ll have to come back soon and lay down some more boss beats!

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