Session Notes: A Session With No Body

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

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These days, trying to describe someone’s music in terms of genre can be just futile. You can make all the comparisons to other bands and  use all the colorful language you want and still not come close to summing up the way a band sounds. Regardless, it’s still fun. In mid-May, Olympia trio No Body came through the studio and laid down eight songs in two days for their upcoming album. With just two guitars, drums, and vocals they create an impressive atmosphere of sound that feels much larger than what’s there. Dark, twisting arpeggios from Kevin‘s hollow-body electric combined with Isaac‘s dream-jazz rhythm and lead make for a visceral sonic realm of driven emotion. All supported by Josh‘s drumming, which at times seems to be a melodic element of its own. Their songs are tricksters, subtle time-signature changes paired with rhythm and lead guitars switching phrase to phrase, yet each song has a followable, dynamic arc. They were a pleasure to have in the studio.  I met Isaac [guitar/vox], Kevin [guitar/vox], and Josh [drums] about a year ago and have watched them thrive into the Olympia music scene and even waved them goodbye on a tour or two. They are extremely active, and worth to see live. For instance, at  Le Voyeur in downtown Olympia on June 13th with Sundressed and Owl & Penny, both on tour from Arizona. We are working on finishing their album, which is scheduled to be done by mid-June.

Here’s two songs they recorded at Big Name Studio w/Jon Lervold in Olympia last year.


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