3 Strange Sounds

Friday, December 20th, 2013

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A perk of working at Dub Narcotic Studio is encountering crazy noises on the regular. Here is three  weird sounds from the last month or so.

#1: Polyrhymic clock

This old clock appeared in the kitchen one day. It does not keep time well, but Leala Smith noticed that it had interesting rhythm to its ticking and I promptly recorded it.

I actually ended up using this noise on a Woolen Warrior single. Can you hear it?

#2: Applejams Transfer Fuckup

Going on a year, I’ve been digitizing this pretty amazing archive of live folk recordings. Apparently, in the late 70s and early 80s some people were putting on these shows at the olympia YWCA. By the 80s they seem to have been weekly. They called them Applejams. Tons of these shows were recorded mostly on cassette but some to 1/4” reel-to-reel. Listening to them all has been quite an education.

Anyway, I was transferring a cassette the other day, and when I played it back I discovered something had been fucked with the sample rate. When I played it back it sounded kind of rad on some of the songs. Sort of transformed this pleasant folk outfit into electronic experimentalists. I don’t know if I’ll be able to reproduce it ever, I don’t think it was a simple sample rate mismatch. Here’s a clip:

Here’s the original for reference:

#3: ADAT Distortion

Calvin doesn’t fuck around with the computer. I don’t think he really even trusts CDs. So  when he is doing some rough mixes for an artist, he bounces them to the venerable ADAT machine. The other day he was setting some up for Greg Black and happened to distort the machine hard. It sounded great! I snuck in to do some experiments with it later. Couldn’t quite reproduce it but still definitely some interesting distortion. Will try to work it into a recording soon.


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