What We’re Listening To: October, 2013

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Each of us compiled a list of 5 of the things we’ve been listening to in the past month.  During our staff meetings we talk about these lists – what we like about the bands/albums or how we heard about them.   What have you been listening to lately?



Priests “Radiation” / “Personal Planes” 45 (Sister Polygon): Washington, D.C. turns out the new punk angst.

Hands & Knees “James Brown Died on Christmas Day” / “The Biggest Snowflake” 45 (MMX): A laudable lament, set to a soulful beat.

Lantern “I Don’t Know” / “Out of Our Heads” 45 (Mammoth Cave Recording Co.): Basic garage rockin’ with hidden pop catechism.

Shells In a Cloud LP (Life Like): This music elevates and goes to your head.

Frankie Cosmos & the Emptiness Frankie Cosmos Does France CD (Pukekos): Pop doodlebugs from a Gotham songstress on the rise.



Elliott Smith XO: The anniversary of Elliott Smith’s passing was last week and I was reminded of how much I like his music. This album is my favorite – I know, it was his first major label release but lots of the songs are amazing.

The Blow The Blow: Khaela and Melissa’s new album is really good. They are on tour right now and I’ve had the chance to see them a few times. Plus, the first run of the LP is lime green!

Elvis Costello My Aim Is True: I think of this album as his greatest hits when in fact it is just a record.

I listen to a mainstream R&B/hip hop station in my car. These are some of my faves: Rihanna – “What Now”, Jay Z – “Holy Grail”, J. Cole – “Power Trip”



Vance Joy God Loves You When You’re Dancing: I’m obsessed with the song “Riptide.”  I seriously can’t listen to it enough.  The music video is just as good as the song.

Mikal Cronin MCII: Eric asked me if I wanted to see Mikal Cronin in Portland with Shannon and the Clams.  I hadn’t heard him before, so we started listening in the office when he was still doing mailorder, and in the same room as I was.  And then I couldn’t stop!  That was months ago, and it’s still one of the records that I keep listening to every month.  So good!


Typhoon  White Lighter: I don’t know why I resisted listening to them for so long. I love them so much!  Since they’re only from Portland, I should really get my act together and try to see them soon.

The Head and the Heart  Let’s Be Still: I had heard a lot about this band, but didn’t pay much attention until I saw them on Hart of Dixie.  So cute.  Just the kind of thing I want to hear on a month like this.

“Down In The Valley”

Luke Bryan Crash My Party / Florida Georgia Line Here’s To The Good Times: If I’m being totally honest, I mostly listen to country radio when I’m in the car/taking baths/out and about, and Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line are my favorites right now.  You can literally turn any country radio station on and hear one of them.  It’s amazing.


Eric :

Robbie Basho Visions of the Country (Gnome Life): “For in the evening she would sing so sweetly that the entire earth would turn on its side the better to hear her: and the moon would place his palm against his cheek and weep with deep emotion: for he was an old fellow with white hair, and she made him forget the distance of eons and eon and neutrons and protons.” -Robbie Basho

“Rocky Mountain Raga”

Vexx Four songs on Soundcloud (Self):  This is what the Olympia Underground sounds like right now, which is good.

All songs here

Huerco S. Colonial Patterns (Software): An incredible 2xLP from this Kansas City (now Brooklyn) producer and graduate of Opal Tapes, nearly on the level of Actress or Andy Stott.

“Plucked From The Ground, Towards The Sun”

Oneohtrix Point Never R Plus Seven (Warp): A record that requires multiple listens; most immediately bringing to mind James Ferraro (and doing him at least one or two better), R Plus Seven is nostalgic, intellectual, and ambivalent about the present while ruminating fruitfully on both the past and the future.

“Problem Areas”

H.P. Lovecraft H.P. Lovecraft (Philips): Spooky sixties psychedelic stuff, in season at the moment. This record has a lot of covers, some of which are good (“I’ve Been Wrong Before,” an early Randy Newman hit, and “The Drifter”), but the highlights are the originals, particularly “The White Ship,” based on Lovecraft’s story of the same name. The 26 second closer, “Gloria Patria,” is haunting.

“The White Ship”



Nudes Sister EP: Nudes is a band from Seattle that I’ve always really enjoyed seeing live; I didn’t have any of their recordings, so when I saw this at Rainy Day, I grabbed it.

Fifth Column “Donna”  7″: This was also a Rainy Day find. Fifth Column has always been one of my favorite bands on K (note my recent playlist). I originally bought this 7″ when I was seventeen, but it didn’t come with a cover. I also left it at my parents’ house when I moved to Olympia, so I got a new one.

Kremlin Drunk In The Gulag LP: This band came highly recommended to me from my friend Alex, who lives in Toronto.

Goosebumps I Hate My Body 7″: This band is a pretty crazy example of what’s going in New York City hardcore right now. They used to cover Bikini Kill and their shows were usually pretty violent… and memorable. I bought this single online last week when I was feeling homesick.

Slayer Reign in Blood LP: My friend sent me a first pressing of this album as a going away present. It’s easily the most valuable record I own. A classic.


Nathan :

Dear Eloise Dear Eloise: Husband and wife duo from Beijing does DIY recordings. Released on China’s Genjing Records. Part of a surfacing Beijing music scene.

Carsick Cars Carsick Cars: Chinese rock and roll from Beijing, played shows with Sonic Youth and recently came over to America. Shedding light on the growing Beijing music scene.

Craig Extine Craig Extine: Olympia based garage folk/ Craig frequently performs and contributes to local music scene.

Sibylle Baier Colour Green: German folk. Home recordings from the 1970s compiled by her son and passed to Dinosaur Jr’s J Mascis and eventually to Orange Twin Records.

Lou Reed Coney Island Baby: Haven’t heard this record in a long time and it seemed like good walking music the other day.



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