Spider & the Webs!

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Weird-outs rejoice! The staunchly rockin’ Olympia combo Spider & the Webs made a surprise appearance last night at Northern in downtown Olympia. They had so many new songs and played a Some Velvet Sidewalk song (“Dinosaur”), too. Here is Tobi Vail and James Maeda in mid-air: Bongo Randy and Chris Sutton in mid-flight:According to reliable sources, this is just the first of many re-configured Spider & the Webs musical shindigs.

Chris Sutton will be re-joining Chain & the Gang (he plays all over the new In Cool Blood [KLP240] album) for their brief swing through the Northwest in late August, including an appearance at the Helsing Junction Sleep Over!

One response to “Spider & the Webs!”

  1. tim says:

    Post more photos, you were taking a ton! This was a fun set!!!

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