Saturday Night, Pt. I: Ashley, Stephen!

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

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Stephen Steinbrink, working the door

Saturday night in Olympia and as usual there is more than one thrill-gazing event to attend, happening at the same time! What’s a girl to do? On the West Side Eli Moore, Ashley Eriksson + household host a show with Chris Cohen, Bouquet, Ashley Eriksson and Stephen Steinbrink. In downtown Arrington de Dionysso is playing with Rachel Carns and Tatsuya Nakatani at Northern.

 Bouquet is Carolyn, best known on the West Coast for her work with the Finches. The songs are pleasing and concise. Bouquet are playing all over the West Coast, with everyone imaginable. Miss her not.

Chris Cohen, attentive spectator

Chris Cohen is another California underground pop instillation. His work with Cryptacize is like buttered pudding. He has a new album under his own name, Overgrown Path, out now on Captured Tracks. Eli Moore will be touring the West as a member of Chris Cohen‘s combo, and Ashley Eriksson is opening the shows.

Ashley Eriksson, mid-flight

Ashley Eriksson plays a keyboard and sings songs in a passion-wave that washes over the room. Bird-like, we flutter. When her echo recedes we are left beveled and rivets. Her music is World Warm III, a book open to certain pages and we get a look-see into her past lives, all clarity, confusion, death and forgiveness. Broken spells are cast anew and we shift. Her LAKE band mates are there, too:

Lindsay, Andrew, Mark, Ashley


Stephen Steinbrink, gentle warmth, a heart beating steadily and with rhythm. We are astounded by the straight forward beauty. Complex sounds describe simple pleasures. Words touch heart, expand beloved boundaries, we are led off into new vistas of compassion. The room aches.

Stephen Steinbrink in an Olympia living room


Kat works the door while Stephen plays guitar

[continued at Saturday Night, Pt. II: Arrington, Rachel Carns!]

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