Saturday Night, Pt. II: Arrington, Rachel Carns!

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

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[continued from Saturday Night, Pt. I: Ashley, Stephen!]

A bicycle ride down Harrison hill, the rain is light and fresh. Northern, downtown Olympia, last Saturday evening, it is alive with pleasure.

Arrington: a simple concept one man, one (or two) horn(s). Mankind left bleating in the streets, a blanketing foghorn divides the herd.

The tools of Arrington

Rachel Carns stokes her presence, ample powers on display.

The Rachel Carns keyboard arrangement, sans drum

Keyboard melodies designed to contemplate, quietly strong, never ominous and without warning; just life observations as the world turns.

Multi-colored sound through an hourglass.

Rachel, as the sounds subside

Tatsuya Nakatani!

Tatsuya Nakatani has an elaborate arrangement of percussive devices including gongs and a trap set. His playing is deliberate, balanced, improvisational.

Rachel and Arrington on different sides of the room, arranging instruments

Arrington and Tatsuya Nakatani:

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