Olympia Health Worker Strike Continues

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

This week health workers, members of the Service Employees Union International (SEIU) 1199NW, are on strike at Olympia’s Providence St. Peter’s Hospital over cuts to their healthcare benefits. All day yesterday folks were walking the picket line along Lilly Road in the rain, chanting and making joyous sounds.At a 5:00 PM rally, Diane Sosne, SEIU 199NW President, spoke out about the injustice of these cuts and how if Providence, a five-state healthcare corporation, is allowed to make these cuts to employee benefits, it won’t stop in Olympia, they’ll make the same cuts to workers all over the West:Former Legislator Brendan Williams also spoke briefly about Providence Corporation as a repeat offender, always cutting their worker’s benefits and violating their rights.These cuts in healthcare benefits have real consequences to the people working at St. Peter’s Hospital here in Olympia, causing them financial hardship as they attempt to care for their family’s medical needs.

It’s more of the same, people. The Corporate Ogre comes into our communities and extracts profits, leaving devastated families in it’s wake.

Visit the picket line sometime this week and let the Providence SEIU 1199NW workers know they are appreciated for standing up for their rights!

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