Occupy Power Lines

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

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The Thurston County Chamber of Commerce opposes it. The Olympian opposes it. If that is not reason enough right there to support Thurston County Proposition No. 1, it’s time you turn in your Occupy Olympia underpants. Proposition No. 1 will allow the Thurston Public Utility District (PUD) to construct or acquire the facilities to generate and/or distribute electrical power. This means we here in Thurston County, like many other counties in Washington, will be able to cut out the middleman and deal directly with Bonneville Power or other suppliers to provide our power needs.

A year ago we were deep in the trenches of the Occupy Movement. After years where the rich just kept getting richer, our Corporate Overseers deemed “enough” was still not enough- they want it all.

What we going to do about it? The spontaneous Occupy Movement swept across the country and around the globe. There was Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Tampa and Occupy Birmingham and Occupy Springfield, and Occupy Olympia. An equitable redistribution of wealth suddenly had a lot of support.

Besides a massive Occupying of public spaces, people realized there were a lot of smaller things one could do to make a direct impact on how we as a society can tip the balance away from the 1%. You moved your money from a mega-corporate “too big to fail” bank that was charging you outrageous fees (in exchange for a steady diet of frustration) to a community centered Credit Union. That scared our Corporate Overseers much more than a sidewalk protest or any random violent outburst, because you voted with your dollars. The Credit Union (a consumer cooperative really) makes sense. Why should we hand over our hard earned money so the corporate banks can gamble with our lives at Casino Wall Street? We keep the money here circulating in our local economy.

It felt good to make that step and it was the right move at the time. Now we’re going one further: a YES vote on Thurston County Proposition No. 1 November 6 will tell our Corporate Overseers it doesn’t begin and end with Occupy Wenatchee (Which is still going strong!).

Like a Credit Union, the Thurston County PUD is a not-for-profit entity that will be responsive to the needs of our community (its rate-payers) not it’s share holders (where ever they may be). I’m not filling this post with a lot of facts and figures, just plain common sense.

If you want the hard numbers that prove Thurston County Proposition No. 1 is the wise choice attend the Forum: Public vs. Private Power Thursday evening (September 27, 7:00 PM) at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Olympia. It is sponsored by the Thurston County League of Woman Voters, Olympian and Thurston County Progressive Network and features four speakers discussing the pros and cons of Thurston County Proposition No. 1. Thurston PUD Commissioner Jim Lazar will speak to the PUD‘s role in deciding if and how power acquisition will be accomplished. John Pearce will be there representing Thurston Public Power Initiative, the citizens group that has organized the signatures necessary to get Prop. No. 1 on the ballot.  Also present will be a PR rep from Puget Sound Energy and a Lackey to the Corporate Ogre from the faux-community front group, Alliance to Protect Thurston Power.

This event is free and open to the public! Tell all your friends, it will be grand to show how much support the Olympia community has for Public Power in Thurston County.

4 responses to “Occupy Power Lines”

  1. Chris says:

    We need more than your vote! We need people to help us doorbelling/drop lit for the next four weeks to get the word out about the obvious advantages of going with public non-profit public power system being developed here in Th. Co. I’m the doorbelling/lit drop coordinator. We’ve covered 38 precincts out of 297! Do you think we could use more volunteers. For sure. contact me if you’re willing to do more than just vote: chris stegman cstegman007@gmail.com 705-3528
    ps PSE is spending $500,000 to defeat us! We are struggling to raise another $10,000 to cover ONE simple mailing to HALF the likely voters that we will completely miss otherwise we any sort of TRUTH to counter PSE lies and misinformation. Please donate at our website NOW!

  2. Zena says:

    Let me second Chris’ comments. I’ve been doing fundraising, but we really need the donors to step forward and give whatever they can by going to the website and using credit cards and paypal. We don’t have enough donor envelopes to go around! Thanks for whatever you can give.

    • Calvin says:

      Chirs, Zena,
      Thanks for doing all this hard work on Thurston Count Proposition No. 1!
      It’s greatly appreciated. I’m making a $50.00 donation right now. Is there a door-belling campaign planned for this Saturday (Sept. 29)? I’m available! Let’s get out there are meet some people! We can talk more about this tonight at the Forum.

  3. Geoff says:

    You really do want to have or keep your power company local. When we had the big windstorm a few years ago, I was out of power for a week! I live in Bellevue. The power company doesn’t employ enough line workers to handle a big crisis like that. We had to wait for line workers to come from Kansas. Keeping a company “lean and mean” is great for shareholders I guess, but it is terrible when you are cold and in the dark in your home.

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