Occupy Olympia Expresses Itself

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

The settlement downtown on Capital Lake known colloquially  as Occupy Olympia has grown and changed in a few short weeks. Residents and visitors who believe America could be strong, lithe and better off (and more fun) free from the Corporate Ogre (and it’s nasty “yoke of oppression” brand consumables) gather here and celebrate our grand independence. Resident Sammy, working with the Art Committee, supervised the construction (O.K., he did most of the work himself; good job, Sammy!!!!) of a Community Center, a freedom site for creative expression and spontaneous performance. Here we see Anika adding the finishing touches to the likeness of an endangered sea turtle:

Far out.

Although the Olympian gripes that Occupy Olympia is just a bunch of “homeless people”, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Every person there is perfectly at home, at home at Occupy Olympia. Here are some members of the Artesian Rumble Arkestra making a visit by the Medical Tent:



People are spontaneously Occupying their homeland to show that they are not just watching T.V., they are recovering their home turf that has been possessed and repossessed outside of their control.

Awareness. It’s happening all over, global awareness, but with regional focus. The goals and aspirations of Occupy Olympia are different than Occupy Mobile (Alabama) or Occupy North Dakota or Occupy Florence (South Carolina) or Occupy Buffalo or Occupy Tundra. What unites them is we are all feeling the boot, and we are not alone in that. It is a spontaneous, grass roots movement, but it is far from ephemeral. Because changing the corporate dominance of our politics, culture, food system and etc. is going to take time. Meanwhile, we’ll keep ourselves Occupied.

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