Maxines at Northern, Olympia!

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Saturday night the Maxines played their final show at Northern in Downtown Olympia headlining an all-star bill: Hooded Hags, Wimps, Shivas. Holy smokes!

Here are the Shivas, ripping it up, as viewed through the smoke machine haze:The smoke machine sets off the fire alarm, as illustrated by Kelly Maxine:Ben Hargett attempts to quell the alarm:The Olympia Fire Dept. made an appearance:The rock’n’roll never ceased it’s forward motion:Wimps traveled from Seattle to make the Maxines sunset scene:assorted Olympia weird-outs were in attendance, including Spencer Sult (Generifus):Melanie Valera (Tender Forever, with Calvin Johnson):Stephen Steinbrink (of French Quarter, with Eric from K):James and Sarah of Morgan & the Organ Donors:Spencer Kelley (Wallpaper, Basemint) with the Shivas:Next up were Hooded Hags from Portland, Oregon:The Maxines capped the evening off with a hefty dose of savage pounding, Olympia-style:’twas rock’n’roll, Baby.


  • Forrest

    Pretty bummed I missed this show. Any video? I searched the web already.

    • Sarah Cass

      I’m bummed you missed this show too! I’ll be putting a little bit on YouTube later today!

      • Forrest

        Rad! Thanks Sarah.

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