Margy Pepper, Golden Webs!

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

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The Olympia trio (Ruth, Nora, Erica) of top noisy pop rockin’ Margy Pepper have been kicking it in the face for a couple years around here. They’ve released a few cassettes (and are included on the Love Songs for Lamps compilation), and all live at the infamous Grandma’s House, premiere spot for out-of-town combos to make the house party scene.

Now Margy Pepper have self-released their debut LP Golden Webs. It’s the album of the season year decade possibly century. Garage rockin’ from a garage that houses a Toyota and many bikes. Pure joy plus cymbals and distortion; singing in unison, sometimes with harmonies. Record covers silk-screened by the band. A work of art, ver utilitarian, you won’t stop listening to this record.

Margy Pepper describe themselves thusly: “3 people. Olympia, WA. Heavier than before. There is light in the summer and water in our mouths.” Truly. They just returned from a cross-country tour and are really on fire. See them live Friday, October 12 at Northern in Downtown Olympia, a fundraiser for Pacific Northwest Grand Jury Defiance.

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