Karl Blau, the Hive Dwellers, Slashed Tires!

Monday, October 15th, 2012

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Off Tempo, Seattle’s underground documentor, presented an evening of music to feel by last Thursday evening at Northern in downtown Olympia. The Hive Dwellers opened the show, playing all the hits from their recent Hewn from the Wilderness [KLP241] album. That’s Jo Letke pictured above, he is on tour now with Slashed Tires, playing as a member of said and playing separately under the moniker Wormy Earth. Here is Jo playing with Kenneth as Slashed Tires:Kenneth on the trombone:Evan Hashi (The Hive Dwellers) reacts to this ostentatious display bravado:Assorted Olympia weird-outs were present. October 11 is a birthday shared by both Briana Marela and Joel Davenport (Meowtain). Briana with Karl Blau:Joel Davenport with Kendl Winter:Karl Blau enlists audience members to accompany him on one of his improvised “song castles”:Kat, Briana, Kenneth and Alex, transfixed by Blau-motion:Off Tempo souvenirs:For the remainder of the Slashed Tires tour dates, visit HERE.

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