Hooded Hags, Shivas, Calvin Johnson

Monday, June 25th, 2012

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Punk show last night in Olympia with Hooded Hags making their way back our way. Above and below view the Shivas (from Vancouver, Washington), pounding the blues. They have a new cassette out now on Burger Records.

At one point the pounding became so intense the snare drum blew a fuse. Fortunately, Kelly Norman was on hand (the Maxines were set to play another show down the alley later on) and was able to make a snare drum switch-a-roo:

Hooded Hags made spectacular noise and loud, too: The show was opened by Calvin Johnson (that’s me!), but no photos survive. There is this snapshot of Allison Wolfe and I, who showed up from Bend, Oregon in time to make the dance floor scene:

One response to “Hooded Hags, Shivas, Calvin Johnson”

  1. karen harrington says:

    Really cool show, man! didn’t get to say “hello” or “goodbye” or tell you how much the hive dwellers record has been on repeat in my house. so SO good!

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