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Saturday, September 17th, 2011

If you know about K then you know about Karl Blau. He has been involved with K for over a million years, playing music, recording music, inspiring music, wearing coats of many colors and different sized buttons. Like your D+, the Microphones, uhhhh he has SOLO ALBUMS and produced records by the Curious Mystery, LAKE, Angelo Spencer, Arrington de Dionyso, everybody! Didn’t he have something to do with the Olympia Free Choir?

Anyway, one of his many project is KELP MONTHLY, a series of album length CDs available by subscription only (or from the souvenir stand at any Karl Blau show). Now this prolific being is launching his most ambitious assault on our ears yet, KLAPS (an acronym for KELP Lunacy Advanced Plagiarism Society – get it? No? Why not?). KLAPS will be twelve concept albums recorded over the next year of Karl Blau music or music that fits a Karl Blau concept. It’s Karl! Get in! It’s already great, it just needs to be documented.

That, dear reader and friend of K, is where you come in…there is a Kickstarter site dedicated to KLAPS to fund the lunacy of it all, Karl-style. Are you psyched? You go to this website, click some buttons and money is automatically transferred from your pocket to Karl‘s for the specific purpose of funding KLAPS, lunacy advanced beyond your wildest dreams. Freak out and donate hundreds of dollars. Later when you are listening to these Advanced Plagiaristical albums of musical Lunacy, you can say to yourself, “Wow. I did that. It was me that clicked the button and sent this lunatic into orbit. Hot Dog.”

Go HERE to donate money.

Go HERE to learn more about KLAPS.

Go HERE to watch an instructional video and learn more about Karl Blau.

Go HERE to transfer funds from you off-shore account to support the pearl of the Blau Oysters.

Do it.

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