Elect Darren Mills!

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

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There is good news for Olympia this election season – we have the opportunity to elect a new Olympia City Council member to an open seat (Position 4), and Darren Mills, downtown business owner, is a candidate! Sweetness.

You know Darren can dance, that he owns Frida (a boutique salon) and is arguably the friendliest downtown business owner since Mike Cook. But are you aware that Darren Mills has been working behind the scenes to push Downtown Olympia in a more user-friendly direction? All candidates talk big about a “clean and safe” Downtown, but Darren‘s vision goes further – he wants a livable Downtown Olympia. As a board member of the Parking and Business Improvement Area (PBIA) he has worked with his fellow downtown business owners to beautify the gathering place around the artesian well and the parklets on 4th and 5th Avenues. He has also championed the Olympia Police Dept. foot patrol and the Downtown Ambassador programs. And it’s working. The current trend is for people to move downtown (after decades of avoidance), and the work Darren and the PBIA are doing dovetails well with the new Olympia urban lifestyle.

The most important part as far as the Olympia City Council election is concerned is Darren‘s ability to communicate openly and build alliances between disparate groups. He doesn’t know all the answers, but he knows how to work with the people involved to find solutions. And look at that face – could you caste a vote against such a fellow?

This year the PBIA choose Darren Mills as their Board President – why should they have all the fun? It’s time for Olympia to share his leadership and vision for our community. Elect Darren Mills Olympia City Council Position 4!

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