Chain & the Gang, Shivas at Northern!

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

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Last night Northern was hopping madd with the unchained sounds of noisy pop rockin’ one would wish was an every winter’s day occurrence, but alas, it can no be! Chain & the Gang traveled north with the Shivas from their Calif. starting point to end their grand tour of the Western States at Olympia All Ages Project HQ. What a sight & sound treat it was!

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The Shivas started rolling through their 20th Century Unlimited-style rock’n'roll crush deluxe garage pop caveman from the outer space dialectic. Dancers could not stop gyrating!

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Next up were hometown heroes Morgan and the Organ Donors! Singer Sarah P. was dressed in what appeared to be an homage to the Chain & the Gang of old, a frock reminiscent of the striped Gang outfits. Morgan and the have recently been joined by the lovely Ms. Olivia Ness (who you know from C.O.C.O.) on the electric bass guitar, and it’s a whole new dance floor. They flipped and the crowd did the frug and the roof miraculously stayed attached!

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Chain & the Gang played last and it was a blast. No photographic record was made of the proceedings as they were too astro for anyone to stop and take photogs. Here’s one of Calvin Johnson and electric bass guitar player Laurie outside before the show (Chain & the Gang!):

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