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Beakers Jim Anderson, Mark H. Smith, George Romansic, Frankie Sundsten

George Romansic

On Sunday George Romansic passed away. That means he went somewhere else, where we no longer have access to his grace, kindness, charm, smile, gentle wit. These are qualities he had in abundance and was always willing to share. He was what I always hoped to be – the ultimate kindhearted fan of music, creative expression, […]

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Hip Hop 4 the Homeless, a gala affair!

Smoke M2D6 The modern day B-Boy of the South Sound region is limber, lithe, resilient and unselfconscious. On the floor of the Olympia Ballroom last weekend for the Hip Hoip 4 the Homeless several B-Boy and girl displayed rippling tendons, impossible positions and no broken necks. Needless to say the Olympia Hip Hop 4 the […]

Aries "Visiones" thumb

Aries “Visiones”

Barcelona has the grooviest scene as one can see from this Aries document  presented by La Castanya. Some call the music of Isabel Fernández Reviriego concise. Others say it is perfect. It is all that and more. “Visiones” is from the second Aries album Mermelada dorada.  

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