While preparing for a one off cover band gig, Matt Murillo (guitar, vocals) and Kelly Norman (drums, vocals) began to see their more earnest musical project by comparison as a major drag. Fueled by champagne, the two would holler and bang out terrible music after practice, and came to call themselves something you can neither print in a band bio nor say aloud in front of your mother. Their brand of primitive-fuzz-boom-bip was born in Kelly’s basement in the fall of 2009. At some point someone asked them to play a show, so they named themselves after Kelly’s best friend and started tearing up Olympia reminding the kids that it’s kool to be keen. After even more champagne, Kelly’s graduate degree and Matt’s new baby, The Maxines recorded first with Thee Legendary Captain Trips Ballsington at High Command Olympia and then with budding ace recordist Ben Hargett at Dub Narcotic Studio.

The Maxines Drugstore EP [IPU140] was released on K on January 24, 2012. They currently reside in Stokesville, and aren’t afraid to have the best time ever, every time.


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From The Maxine’s new EP Drugstore [IPU140], the kind of album you want to blast in the parking lot after school lets out, or bump while cruisin’ the strip in your dad’s T-Bird. …

The Maxines - Drugstore