A junkyard band with a heart of dirt, smoke, and wires, Seattle’s The Curious Mystery channels slow-burn psych and garage experimentalism. Cool night air, Captain Beefheart, late night crawlers, native fowl, dinner, all over me, river blindness – these are some of the things the Mysterians bide their time thinking about.  Formed by Shana Cleveland (heartbreaker, incredible visual artist) and Nic Gonzalez (forger of his own instruments, guitar savant) in 2006, The Curious Mystery have traveled many roads together (including amazing tours and releases) and seen many incarnations (Brett Lyman, Karl Blau among others).  Their final 7″, “Be Still” (KDR003) was recorded in Dub Narcotic Studio with Calvin Johnson, and features with Marian Li Pino on drums (golden) and Johnny Goss on accompanying bass (ticket).  The tracks have been remastered for digital release, and hit the streets January 22nd, 2013.


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Stitching together 60′s-styled psychedlia with smoky garage guitars, Eastern drones, and dynamic, post-soul experimentation; a new gospel. From The Curious Mystery’s full length album, We Creeling [KLP225]


From The Curious Mystery”s full length album, Rotting Slowly [KLP206], which blends ’60s-style psychedelia with American country-blues and garage experimentalism.

Photo by Joseph P. Traina

Photo by Joseph P. Traina

Photo by Joseph P. Traina

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“To me there could be no better marriage of styles than this. [We Creeling] is a dense record that still affords the listener a developing, easy pace, time enough to absorb the kaleidoscopic instrumentation and myriad time changes.”
-The Big Takeover

“The Curious Mystery…make guitar rock with meandering structures, a fearless willingness to wander into extended instrumental passages, and at least two guitarists who like to explore the fretboard. They like to jam, basically, but not in a navel-gazing way; more like in a Television/Tom Verlaine/Richard Lloyd kind of way”
-LA Weekly

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