Following the collapse of the glockenspiel-bloated freak-folk metal band Turf Surgery, Emily Beanblossom decided that she needed to be part of community that celebrated private parts and moved to Olympia, Washington. She copped a bad attitude and traded her lee pipes for sweat pants, and after a short-lived bout of working on an apple orchard came into her own in the world of Olympia. Over the next few years she made soap, got a liberal arts education, ran an art gallery, and played in a slew of Olympia bands (Christmas, Legs the Crab, Karczol, Emily Beanblossom & Her Rising Fawn, Georgy, various other short-lived bastard projects). Amidst her acquisition of feminine knowledge she was called back to her family farm and temporarily abandoned her metropolitan ways, and began conjuring the hollowed noise that would become Ruby Fray. After some friendly prodding from friends, Emily took her laptop demos into Dub Narcotic Studio (already familiar from the Christmas “Namiot” session with Calvin Johnson) and rounded up some musical best friends to help birth a spooky musical child of mysterious gender… Pith (KLP239), a child that at certain angles and in certain light could be called beautiful, but at a different glance cast feelings of despair and remorse. This metaphorical babe was baptized in a Catholic cathedral on the outskirts of a town out of a Poe story.

Pith is Ruby Fray‘s debut album, and includes the talents of numerous Pacific Northwest masterminds: producer & engineer Ben Hargett (who recorded the Christmas LP), songwriting and production assistant Ian Van Veen (Legs The Crab, Georgy), and harmony/strings specialist Giselle Garcia. As per K / Dub Narcotic tradition, a number of artists from the K roster also play on Pith, including Arrington de DionysoGordon Baker (Malaikat dan SingaDesolation Wilderness), Andrew Dorsett (LAKEDesolation Wilderness), Angelo SpencerMarkly Morrison (LAKE), Jake Jones (Christmas), and Calvin Johnson.

Ruby Fray is currently based out of Austin, TX.


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Both songs from Ruby Fray’s debut album Pith [KLP239], a string of musical gems that range from harmonic americana and folk to shadowy psychedelia, united in their spectral chamber arrangements.

Ruby Fray - And The Moon


Ruby Fray - Mint Ice Cream