Rose Melberg grew up in Sacramento, but her musical career was honed in the burgeoning indie pop/punk scene of Olympia, Washington. It all began, as they say, in 1992 with Tiger Trap, a seminal velvet pop-punk that burned too fast and the group disbanded after two tours. Rose then formed The Softies with Jen Sbragia. Two guitars with two angelic voices, a handful of singles on K and Slumberland Records and three full length albums were recorded from 1994-2001.

In addition to her work with Tiger Trap and The Softies, Rose also played with Go Sailor and Gaze, and has recorded three solo albums since 1998. Now living in Vancouver, British Columbia with her son, Rose rejoined the K team in 2009 with Homemade Ship [KLP211].


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Always tender and hushed, Rose Melberg’s album Homemade Ship [KLP211] is enchanting; its stark stillness is as hauntingly playful and familiar as the first days of fall…

Photo by Sarah Cass

Photo by Sarah Cass

Photo by Sam Baker

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