Hello! My name is Chris Sutton and seven years ago I started a band called Hornet Leg.

This project started as a little 4 track project in my bedroom that has flowered into a full fledged atom bomb which I have come to fall in love with. The original idea was that I wanted to form a band that could play at anytime, anywhere, and at any moment. In the past, Hornet Leg has been a solo acoustic guitar project, and electro dance project, a crushing two person art noise assault, a melancholy pop outfit, a fleeting four track compilation, and as of late a 3 man punk-blues powerhouse. Hornet Leg’s first releases were CD’s and cassingles of some of my late night scrawl in between C.O.C.O. and Dub Narcotic Sound System tours.

With the help of some highly influential and supportive friends, the dusty drum machine became an acoustic guitar and I began to craft “songs” that served as a documentation of my recovery from an unfortunate van accident 5 years ago. Enter homies Claudia Meza and Joel Brazzel, who provided a punk-demonic lift to the proceedings. Months of high powered performances followed and enlightened concert goers. This era in Hornet Leg was highlighted by a series of dark-tinged rock n’ roll recordings that came to be called The Blood Trilogy, which was released by K in 2008.

Currently, the line-up consists of fellow music afficionados Robert Comitz on drums and ace musician Bob Desaulniers on bass guitar. With the brand new energy comes brand new textures and directions and the music spectrum now stretches between all out fury, contemplative power pop, and somber cries for redemption via acappella. The shows are raw, fun, well received, and plentiful. My 2009 album Ribbon of Fear (KLP209)  attempts to capture all of the magic and I’m excited to share this beautiful experience with all of you.

Since 2009, Chris has been touring with The Gossip, and Robert has playing in the Nucular Aminals.


Artist’s Website:


K Releases:

From Hornet Leg’s full-length album, Ribbon of Fear [KLP209], a polyrhythmic jamboree of tambourine, piano keys, ghoulish laughter and female voice accompaniment. Punky twang meets doo-wop….


From Hornet Leg’s International Pop Underground 7″, Blood Trilogy [IPU116], which condenses the full length concept album into three potent tracks of pure unsentimental, raw energy….

Photo by Sarah Cass

Photo by Sarah Cass

Photo by Sarah Cass

Photo by Sarah Cass

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