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The streets of Olympia ring with that boot heels-on-cobblestone sound as the Hive Dwellers traverse the township east to west on way to their next musical adventure. Spawned in the late double-O decade by Calvin Johnson at the Dub Narcotic Studio, the Hive Dwellers is a band, a combo (as in combination) of disparate individuals who share a common love of rock’n’roll, library cards and railroad travel. When they emerge from the froth and frumble of their active bicycle-powered lives to make music, the Hive Dwellers emit a pelt of bright, shiny ((NOW)) with a love of pop music underground and it’s more vacuous mainstream distant cousins. Dance. Smile when you say that. Raw freedom dance.

The assorted cacophony of membership slides around, currently the Hive Dwellers are Gabriel Will, Evan Hashi and Calvin Johnson. Past members include K.E. Sixx (The Vibrarians), Brian Weber (Dub Narcotic Sound System, Chain & the Gang), Faustine Hudson (The Curious Mystery), Spencer Kelley (Wallpaper, Basemint), Karl Blau, Brett Lyman, Fred Thomas (City Center, Saturday Looks Good to Me), and Michelle Mae (Make-Up).

In 2009, the Hive Dwellers launched an expansive Pan-American tour seeing for themselves how it is to be a slave to the rhythm hive active; 2010 saw the release of “Get In” (KLP223), and 2011 brought out their Dub Narcotic Disco Plate, Lynch The Swan (DBN126). In 2012, the Hive Dwellers release a new LP, Hewn from the Wilderness [KLP241]. As the future unfolds into the conscious mind and continues to fade gently into the past, the Hive Dwellers are present tense, bearing witness to the maraca wilderness of the modern Basement State.


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Wires and buttons come alive to the beat of a drum machine never tamed on The Hive Dwellers’ Get In [KLP223]


The essence of rock’n'roll moved from the garage to the basement to the rec room and then back out into the wild, from The Hive Dwellers’ new LP Hewn From The Wilderness [KLP241]

Photo by Sarah Cass

Photo by Sarah Cass

Photo by Sarah Cass

Photo by Sarah Cass

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Date City Venue Country
09/02/14 Hive Dwellers in Seattle, WA The Future United States
Address: 5642 Brooklyn Ave. NE, 98105. w/ Stephen Steinbrink, Ever Ending Kicks, ings, Charlie Daughtry
09/03/14 Hive Dwellers in Ashland, OR House Show United States
Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: 773 Oak Street. with World War 4
09/04/14 Hive Dwellers in Sacramento, CA Witch Room United States
Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: 1815 19th St, Sacramento, CA 95811. Venue phone: (916) 508-0213.
09/05/14 Hive Dwellers in Modesto, CA Deva Cafe United States
Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: 1202 J Street. with Panduhs and Tele Novella
09/06/14 Hive Dwellers in Santa Rosa, CA Arlene Francis Center United States
Address: 99 6th St, Santa Rosa, CA 95401. Venue phone: (707) 528-3009.
09/07/14 Hive Dwellers in Oakland, CA TBA United States
09/08/14 Hive Dwellers in San Francisco, CA Vacation United States
Address: 651 Larkin St., 94109. With Panduhs
09/10/14 Hive Dwellers in Isla Vista, CA Biko Garage United States
Address: 6612 Sueno Rd..
09/11/14 Hive Dwellers in Los Angeles. CAz Los Globos United States
09/12/14 Hive Dwellers in Los Angeles, CA OOOGA BOOGA United States
Address: 943 N. Broadway #203. Venue phone: 213-617-1105.
09/13/14 Hive Dwellers in Los Angeles, CA The Smell United States
09/15/14 Hive Dwellers in Oakland, CA Stranded Records United States
Address: 4929 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609. Venue phone: (510) 808-5505.
09/16/14 Hive Dwellers in Arcata, CA The Sanctuary United States

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