Gigi is the recording project of Vancouver-based songwriter Nick Krgovich (of No Kids) and producer/engineer Colin Stewart. In the spring of 2005 Stewart acquired two huge vintage reverb plates and, eager to use them in a way that befit their history, he asked Krgovich to come up with a couple songs in the vein of classic Phil Spector/Brill Building pop hits. Nick and Colin invited a large group of musician friends into the Hive Studios to record the songs live-off-the-floor. The results of that night were amazing, inspiring a string of recording sessions that took place over the following 3 years, collected on Gigi’s debut album Maintenant, released by Tomlab in 2009. In the summer of 2010, K also released a single from these sessions, “The Hundredth Time” [IPU128].


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From Gigi’s International Pop Underground 7″ The Hundredth Time [IPU128], opulent orchestrations working within a specific and rich tradition of pop music production…

Photo by Michelle Mayne

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