Christmas was was born in an eastern European dive bar when Emily Beanblossom (vocals, keys) and Pat Scott-Walsh (guitar) decided to go to Poland together without even knowing each other. While there, they discovered their mutual love for shitty sounding music. When they got back to Olympia, rock and roll was nonexistent. People had to find other ways to swear, drink, and run amok in a town where the suppression of these human urges was the norm. So Emily rang her friend Dave Halegua and told him he was going to play bass in a rock and roll band. After seeing Jake Jones‘ fast-paced post-punk burners Moon Runners play, he was welcomed into the fold with open arms.

Christmas realized they needed to create something that wasn’t nice or pretty, but rather rough and sexy. Eventually they got their act together and even began to remember the songs they wrote. The first show resulted in gallons of spilled beer and bad vibes. Since then, Christmas hasn’t looked back. They released a 7″ inch with Endless Latino, and embarked on a west coast tour with Desolation Wilderness in the summer of 2009, followed by a few one-offs in San Francisco with Thee Oh Sees and Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa. They like playing Santa Cruz because beautiful people party really hard. Portland has been nice to them and Seattle lets them play art openings.

In the summer of 2010, Christmas left to see America on their first full US tour with a few new 45 rpm corkers on Seattle’s Highfives and Handshakes. “Namiot” (DBN118), A proper Dub Narcotic Disco Plate split on K followed in February 2011. A full-length LP was finally dragged out of these hellions by Highfives and Handshakes in March 2011.  Emily released her own solo record, Pith [KLP239], under her Ruby Fray moniker in April 2012.


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From Christmas’ dub narcotic disco plate, Namiot [DBN118], which would be the next big pop hit – if people only knew what it meant. If you learned that “namiot” is just a Polish word for “tent” would that make this song an inside joke? Expand your vocabulary…

Photo by Sarah Cass

Photo by Sarah Cass

Photo by Sarah Cass

Photo by Sarah Cass

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