Bobby Birdman is the ultraego of west coast musician Rob Kieswetter.

Born in San Diego, raised in Nevada City, braised in San Luis Obispo, grazed in Portland, OR, Bobby Birdman is currently living aloha in Los Angeles.

Bobby Birdman has released music with Fryk Beat, States Rights Records, Not Not Fun and HUSH. He appears on records by K-related artists GIGI, Little Wings, Adam Forkner (White Rainbow, Yume BitsuVVRSSNNand YACHT).

Lately, Bobby Birdman has been with many musical projects. He remixed Young M.C.’s “Fastest Rhyme”, released on Delicious Vinyl, produced music for L.A.’s Guy Fantastico and Nevada City’s Golden Shoulders and composed music and sound installations for visual artist Geoff McFetridge. He also contributed to new albums by YACHT, Ben Butler and Mousepad, and new tracks with Wet Ones (collaboration with E*Rock).


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K Releases:

From Bobby Birdman’s addition to the Dub Narcotic Disco Plate series on K, Don’t Walk Away [DBN124]

Photo by Steven Nero

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