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Eli, Ashley Japan trees Sept 2014 for Weblog

LAKE’s World Is Real!

Eli Moore and Ashley Eriksson of LAKE return to the scene of the crime: Azumino, Japan. The trees in the background graced the cover of the LAKE album The World Is Real [KLP246]. After LAKE toured through Japan earlier this month Eli and Ashley remained to travel about and see more of the countryside.  

gt_trailer thumb

Girl Trouble Strictly Sacred Trailer!

Here it is! 30-something years in the making. The Girl Trouble docu-drama Strictly Sacred  with everyone’s skeletons falling out of the closet and all over the audience. Directed lovingly by Isaac Olsen, Strictly Sacred features  precious interviews with assorted family members and fans plus an impressive assortment of Northwest rock’n’roll royalty. Above is the theatrical trailer for […]


Pink Elephant’s Gravecast 014

Last Month the Maxines made one of their rare public appearances at the K-sponsored Helsing Junction Sleep Over, providing the Pink Elephant’s Graveyard with a golden opportunity to corral members Matt Murillo and Kelly Norman for an informal chat with host Calvin Johnson (see above photog). The Maxines discuss their erratic existence, records, Brenda Lee […]

The Maxines & Calvin Johnson Play Girl Trouble!

In celebration of the new Girl Trouble documentary Strictly Sacred!, here is the Maxines with Calvin Johnson playing a song from the debut Girl Trouble album Hit It or Quit It [KLP229], “The Skin”, at Dub Narcotic Studio. Sweet rhythm of mercy.  

Studio Tech’s Corner: Paintjob Part 1

After 3 years of labor, things are pretty much working in the studio, so I’m starting to have time to build new equipment. Surprisingly what’s hard about building gear has nothing to do with electronics, and everything to do with stuffing all that shit in a box. Getting the knobs facing the right way. Fucking […]


K Pocket Tee!

Someone recently wrote us an email requesting our logo on a shirt, and added that a pocket tee might be a nice touch — Calvin agreed! So here it is, to feed your fashion fancy: the K Pocket Tee! Chic, fashion-forward, and practical, the K Pocket Tee is available in a while array of sizes […]


Pink Elephant’s Gravecast 013

We’ve been acquiring new artifacts to store in the K place of choice, the Pink Elephant’s Graveyard. Phonograph records are stored elsewhere (the DJ Booth) – releases of today and newly uncovered documents of our collective recorded history. On this episode of the Pink Elephant’s Graveyard hosts Calvin Johnson (Selector Dub Narcotic) and Ian Vanek […]

Skrill Meadow Private Ad thumb

Skrill Meadow Private Memories Infomercial

The Skrill Meadow album Private Memories explained in full by this “infomercial”. Skrill Meadow is the brainchild of Mark Morrison (seen in the above “infomercial”), also an integral member of LAKE whose album The World Is Real [KLP246] was recently released by K. Skrill Meadow‘s Private Memories album is available from the K Mail Order […]

aries mermelada

Pink Elephant’s Gravecast 012

The Pink Elephant’s Graveyard cannot be denied. Located in the far reaches of that nebulous body known as the interweb, K has been stashing valuable artifacts there for your retrieval. What is K? A fair question to which we can only point upward, to the upper  echelons of the etherworld where relevant K artifacts are […]

Girl Trouble Strictly poster 640

Girl Trouble Strictly Sacred All Week!

Strictly Sacred can not be stopped! After two sold-out June screenings of the infamous Girl Trouble tell-all the Grand Cinema (Tacoma, Washington) has booked the feature-length documentary film for an entire week, September 12-18. Directed by Isaac Olsen, Strictly Sacred tells the story of Girl Trouble, a punk/garage/rock’n’roll combo from Tacoma, Washington who started playing […]

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