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Mecca Wasn't Said thumb

Mecca Normal “Wasn’t Said”

The Mecca Normal album Empathy for the Evil (M’Lady’s Records) is based on lyrical excerpts from vocalist Jean Smith‘s two recent novels Obliterating History and The Black Dot Museum of Political Art. She and guitarist David Lester traveled to Miami Beach, Florida to record Empathy for the Evil with Rat Bastard and Kramer, who also […]

ramones_500 by Pyle

Trouble in the Camera Club, Live!

Are you in Portland, OR tomorrow night? You must attend the out-of-focus talking slideshow extracted from Don Pyle‘s epic photo journal Trouble in the Camera Club. It all happens at the Portland Museum of Modern Art. Learn more HERE. Ramones!   Don Pyle has appeared on volumes of our International Pop Underground series: Vol. XIX […]

Zach and Calvin on Pink Elephant's Graveyard for Weblog

Pink Elephant’s Gravecast 017

The Pink Elephant’s Graveyard is where we store all cultural documents uniquely K. This episode features Olympia barber and stand-up comedian Zach Mandeville, who stopped by the Dub Narcotic Studio days before moving to Brooklyn, N.Y. Hosts Calvin Johnson and Ian Vanek grilled him relentlessly about his chosen craft(s). Zach also plays some of his favorite […]

Lowest Pair in sun

Kendl and the Lowest Pair on LP!

Kendl Winter has been gallivanting all over the country with her latest banjo-tastic duo the Lowest Pair, which also features the versatile Palmer T. Lee on voice, banjo, guitar and suave, Midwestern style. Their debut album 36¢ (Team Love) is now available as a vinyl phonograph record, and the K Mail Order Dept. has a stack […]

All Your Friend's thumb

All Your Friend’s Friends Documentary Trailer

All Your Friend’s Friends [KLP255] is a compilation of Northwest hip-hop scene constructed entirely of samples pulled from the K catalog, produced by Smoke M2D6 and brought to you by THEE XNTRX. Featuring 30 of the most unique MCs from the region, including members of mega-crews Sandpeople and Oldominion, the album also introduces a host […]

Maher Shalal Hash Baz Trombone player, off-duty

Maher Shalal Hash Baz at Chin’s Push

An excerpt of a performance by Tori Kudo and Maher Shalal Hash Baz at the Los Angeles, CA art gallery Chin’s Push. Guest performers with Maher Shalal Hash Baz are Chris Cohen on guitar, Carolyn Riggs (Bouquet) on percussion and Che Chen (75 Dollar Bill) on guitar. Also performing that afternoon were Japanese artists Che-Shizu and à […]


CD Safari: Fall’n'Love!

What two things go together better than “Fall” and “Love”? Your autumn’s done come and as the leaves fall, so will your heart. If you’re back to school, don that sweater and start roving. If you’ve been involved in a May to September romance, your due for some serious rebound action. We here at the […]

klp018 for Weblog

Pink Elephant’s Gravecast 015

This week the Pink Elephant’s Graveyard explores essential K both new and from the revered past. We listen to and discuss the Treepeople album Guilt Regret and Embarrassment [KLP069], Mecca Normal Jarred Up [KLKP018], Wandering Lucy Leap Year [KLP053]; new releases by Ruby Fray (Grackle [KLP251]) and Pine Hill Haints (The Magik Sound of the […]

The-Pine-Hill-Haints for Weblog

Pine Hill Haints on The Bluegrass Situation!

Songs from the new Pine Hill Haints album The Magik Sounds of the Pine Hill Haints [KLP254] are streaming on The Bluegrass Situation website, including “Ms. Pacman”, Galaxy Buffalo” and “Rattle Them Bones”. You can check into it HERE. The Bluegrass Situation, which bills itself as “The home of everything bluegrass, folk, and Americana” is […]

100_8324 for Weblog

Calvin and Linton!

Seen above is Calvin Johnson (The Hive Dwellers) and Linton (of the the newly-reformed Aisler Set) in Los Angeles, CA. Linton wandered over to a performance by The Hive Dwellers, Bouquet and Dream Boys in Los Angeles at Ooga Booga 2. Linton is the down-the-street neighbor of Wayne from Dream Boys. We’re not talking Los […]

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