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Miz featuring QP and Zikki “Talkin’ My Shit”

The latest from Miz (of Real Life Click), backed up by QP and Zikki is “Talkin’ My Shit”, produced by Nemisis, included on their album History: MIZ and Nemisis Greatest Hits. Both Miz and Zikki appear on the NW hip hop compilation All My Friend’s Friends [KLP255] as members of Thee XNTRX. Miz appears on […]

Lowest Pair on Olympia Pop Rocks June 2015 for Weblog

Kendl Winter & Lowest Pair on Olympia Pop Rocks!

Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Lee – aka The Lowest Pair – appear on the Olympia, WA podcast Olympia Pop Rocks. They discuss their latest album The Sacred Heart Sessions (Team Love Records), and their wandering troubadour ways (their interview begins at 14:40). Listen to The Lowest Pair on Olympia Pop Rocks HERE.   The […]

Jeremy Jay photo shoot Bloomington, Indiana, May 4, 2009

Jeremy Jay “Abandoned Apartments”

Jeremy Jay sings of mysteriously abandoned apartments. Not even a mouse. Was it only a dream?   K Song of the Day: Jeremy Jay “Abandoned Apartments”, from  Abandoned Apartments [KLP247]. The Jeremy Jay album Abandoned Apartments [KLP247] is available now from the K Mail Order Dept.  

Shivas Roxy LA 5-15-15 4 for Weblog

Shivas “You Make Me wanna Die”

You heard “You Make Me wanna Die” on the Shivas volume in our International Pop Underground series [Vol. CXLIII]. It was updated for the ’90s and included on the You Know What to Do [KLP252] album, and here it is! In all its tragic glory.   K Song of the Day: Shivas “You Make Me […]

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Pine Hill Haints “Valentine Killer”

It’s getting grim out here, in a light hearted way.  K Song of the Day: Pine Hill Haints “Valentine Killer” from their The Magik Sounds of Pine Hill Haints [KLP254] album. The Pine Hill Haints album The Magik Sounds of Pine Hill Haints [KLP254] is available now from the K Mail Order Dept.  

Gyasi Ross Thanks thumb

Gyasi Ross “Thanks for the Isskootsik Love!”

In case you were wondering what this Gyasi Ross Isskootsik is all about, the man himself explains it in the friendliest of terms. The Gyasi Ross videos for his songs “Marlon Brando” (featuring Sacred Water) and “Winona LaDuke” are must-sees.   The Gyasi Ross album Isskootsik (Before Here Was Here) [KLP257] is available now from […]

Judy in Car cropped

Judy Bardin at Capital City Pride Parade!

 Judy Bardin is running for Olympia City Council. More importantly, Judy Bardin is in this weeked’s Capital City Pride Parade! As you can see in the above photog, she’s got herself a stylish ride as an accoutrement while partaking in the season’s most with-it community parade, which takes place at noon on Sunday, June 21. […]

Tilson in The Stranger 5-27-2015 for Weblog

Tilson Is a Man Who Rocks!

Last week Emily Nokes and Bree McKenna profiled “Men Who Rock II” in The Stranger (a Seattle, WA weekly newspaper). Included are several fine, upstanding young fellows (including Kenneth Piekarski of Off Tempo and Slashed Tires!). Of particular interest to the discerning K-o-phile is the inclusion of Tilson, NW hip hop enigma (you must scroll […]

Gyasi Ross Winona two thumb

Gyasi Ross “Winona LaDuke”

A stunning visual to accompany Gyasi Ross and his homage to “Winona LaDuke”, from his album Isskootsik (Before Here Was Here) [KLP257]. “Teach me.”   View the other Gyasi Ross videos from Isskootsik (Before Here Was Here) [KLP257]: “Marlon Brando”                                      “Harvard”   The Gyasi Ross album Isskootsik (Before Here Was Here) [KLP257] is available now […]

Crabs Sleep cover for Weblog

The Crabs Sleep EP

Last month The Crabs went back to the Unknown studio in Anacortes, WA and made some noise, the way only they can do! Sleep is a three song EP from the new expanded Crabs line-up featuring original members Lisa Jackson and Jonn Lunsford with Vince on drums, percussion and Zinnia, keyboards. Three songs that pack […]

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