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Calvin in Toulouse!

Folks outside Theatre Garonne, awaiting the Calvin Johnson show in Toulouse, France. Marie Mathématique started things off with a flourish and some ver snappy tambourine playing. What a treat.


Dub Narcotic’s Remix Contest!

                                    My fellow chaps and chapettes: Salutations, Greetings, and Happy Spring. A short while ago Dub Narcotic Studio held a video contest to give away a free day of recording in our new studio space, and by golly […]

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Calvin In Bordeaux!

Above photog is Francis of Allez les Filles with his mobile DJ unit, which he employs every Thursday evening on the tram in Bordeaux, he gets the riders dancing. Since Bordeaux is the hometown of Melanie (Tender Forever), you know it has to be hott and ready to move its feet. Last time I was in […]

Calvin in Dublin 2

Calvin is on tour in Europe!

It is hard to believe but Calvin is on tour for SIX WEEKS!  Seems like forever, here are his dates.  You should go to one of his shows and tell him how much we miss him already (but that we’re working hard while he is gone, promise!). Furtehrmore the new Hive Dwellers album Moanin’ [KLP249] […]


Process: Eleanor Murray on Making “Bury Me Into the Mtn”

  Last summer, Eleanor Murray released the fourth album under her own name, the stunning Bury Me Into the Mtn. The album is strikingly spare, with nary a note misplaced, I think Eleanor’s most intentional work to date. I sat down with Eleanor to discuss her creative process for this record. Presented here is a transcript […]

MIRAH - Changing Light KLP253/AMR01

MIRAH – Changing Light [KLP253/AMR01]

Mirah‘s fifth solo album, Changing Light [KLP253/AMR01] is a co-release from K and Mirah’s brand new label, Absolute Magnitude Recordings. Changing Light will be available on May 13th, 2014 and can be pre-ordered from AMR here. Listen to the track “Goat Shepherd” by Mirah from Changing Light [KLP253/AMR01]. On her fifth solo album, Mirah breaks […]


Arrington de Dionysio at Austin Psych Fest and art opening at Las Cruxes!

Las Cruxes Presents Arrington de Dionyso, ‘Dream You/Dreamed Me’ Exhibition April 7 – May 2, 2014 ‘Dream You/Dreamed Me’ is inspired in part by a short story by Jorge Luis Borges, “The Circular Ruins” dealing with idealism and the manifestation of dreams into reality, and the immortal nature of the creative process. The human/beast hybrid […]


Studio News: April 1st, 2014

After the the tumult of the move last month, it was nice to swing back into production here at the studio with a whole mess of sessions gracing our space. Davey Jones came all the way from Maryland to record a whopping 13 tracks in 3 days. And he performed all the instruments himself. Wowza! […]


Testimonial: Banner Driskell of the Pro-Nouns

Banner Driskell and the Pro-Nouns finished up their first EP at the studio this month. I asked Banner to write a little something about their experience at studio. Meanwhile, please dig the new release, already available on the interwebs.       I discovered Dub Narcotic Studio after reading “Love Rock Revolution: K Records and the […]