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Pink Elephant’s Gravecast 006

The Pink Elephant’s Graveyard is where we store all the cultural artifacts which are uniquely K. Hosts Calvin Johnson (The Hive Dwellers) interviews Alan Larsen, who has released music on K as Some Velvet Sidewalk, Sandy Dirt, Telepathic Youth (and as Al Larsen!), talking about his current work, his time in Olympia + life in […]

Ruby Fray - Grackle [KLP251]

Pre-Order the New Ruby Fray Album, Grackle [KLP251]!

Ruby Fray‘s second album, Grackle [LP251] is due out September 30th, but you can pre-order this release right now from the K Mail Order Department and receive your CD or LP a whole month early! And if you’re one of the lucky first thirty people to do so, you’ll even get a complimentary bar of […]

Pink Elephant thumbs up

Listen to the Elephant!

The Pink Elephant’s Gravecast has been rockin’ for a couple of weeks now, with Calvin Johnson sharing all of the latest cultural artifacts that are uniquely K. The response has been fabulous. Thanks for listening! The above “thumbs up” comes our way courtesy of listeners Dylan McDonagh and Richard Davis of Seattle, Washington. The below […]

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