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Smoke Jan2Show Flyer

Smoke M2D6 at the Northwest Takeover Show (Pt. 2)

Above photog (a still from the All Your Friend’s Friends documentary) is of Thee XNTRX, producers of the NW kip hop compilation All Your Friend’s Friends [KLP255]. Left to right it’s Smoke M2D6 and Eprhyme. If you follow the world of K at all you are aware of Eprhyme‘s prowess as an MC but may […]

Bex and Dog

Session Notes: Earth of Foxes

Bex won a day of recording here in the Queer Rock Camp benefit auction. She decided to the put the time towards recording a 5 song EP. It was a pretty stripped down affair: electric guitar, vocals, and… beatboxing. A first for me. We did all the tracking in a day, digital, starting with guitar […]

Candidt Imaginery thumb

Candidt “Imaginery Stereo”

Oldominion MC Candidt on stage at Neumos, Seattle, WA; “All the homies parlay through the day and end the night! ‘Imaginary Stereo’ is about sticking to your dreams and aspirations -Nevermind what they say. Rock wit it!” Candidt makes appearances on two songs from All Your Friend’s Friends [KLP255] NW hip hop compilation released Nov. […]

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